The Busy to Best Challenge - Community Kit (51+ people)

The Busy to Best Challenge - Community Kit (51+ people)

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Determine how many people will join you in the challenge. Order 1 set for each person. Note discounted pricing when you buy more sets.


People wear busy like a badge of honor. And I wore that badge like it was my job. I kept giving my yes to everyone who asked. My soul felt trapped behind a series of urgent obligations. I felt tired, even after a regular night’s sleep. I was spinning a lot of plates, and the one that kept dropping was my relationship with Jesus. So I went on a journey to move from Busy to Best. My personal challenge changed my life, and it can change yours too.


  • Books: A copy of It’s All Under Control for each person.
  • Worksheets + Printables + Videos: Everyone gets a folder with loads of resources + access to downloads and videos.
  • Journal + Notepad: Each person gets a journal and an adorable “It’s All Under Control … ish” notepad.
  • Private Facebook Group: This challenge wasn’t meant to be taken alone. You’ll find me every day, LIVE in our Facebook group.
  • Special Resources for Group Leaders: This is an ultra-exclusive bonus for anyone facilitating a group. If that’s you, you’ll receive exclusive access to me, through a leaders-only Facebook group. I’ll be there to make sure you have everything you need before the challenge begins. You will also receive a free sample of the It’s All Under Control Bible Study as a thank you.